Suze’s Status (6/27)

Status: Gained
Mood: Tired

But it was only 0.2 lbs! Okay, still bad. Could be worse, but not good. I didn’t track what I ate and I ate a lot of junk food. Fried shrimp and pesto covered pasta salad as the employee meal at work Wednesday! YOU try to pass that up. Then breakfast bar with lots of delicious fried potatoes on Saturday as the employee meal. I also had a few drinks Saturday night and alcohol eats up calories like I eat fried shrimp!

As for tired, well I’ve had some early mornings at work, and I can’t bear to ever go to bed before 11pm, 10pm at the earliest. So not a lot of sleep. Being tired sucks for trying to eat healthy, at least for me. I tend to get ravenously hungry when I’m really tired. And I tend to go for what is easiest and fastest. That generally means high calorie, junk foods.

But today I’m being good. Had some strawberries and blueberries in the fridge, so I’m working my way through those today. Then I’ll cut up the salad stuff. Maybe a healthy start to the week will make me more successful throughout the week.

I’m also debating doing a juice fast for a day or eating raw for a week just to get the junk food addiction out of my system. There really is something addictive about junk food. Sometimes you need to take drastic measures to get over the cravings.


Suze’s Status (6/23)

Status: Gained
Mood: Glad this blog is getting launched. I need the accountability!

I have been so fail the past month and a half about staying on task with my weight loss. Can I blame staring a new job? We get free employee meals and so it’s sometimes difficult to take my lunch/dinner, when I know I could get something yummy from the restaurant, even if it is a risk I won’t be able to eat it because there is meat involved. Much better than my Smart Deli Smoked “Turkey” sandwich and carrot sticks! Although the carrot sticks are quite delicious.

Since starting in October, I got myself down to 210 lbs and then just stopped counting the calories and working out. Now I’m back up to 217, which isn’t horrible, but it’s a little frustrating. I’m really glad this blog is getting back up so I will have another measure of accountability. Hopefully if the world is watching me, I’ll actually do what I need to do to drop a pound or two a week!