About Zee

I’m Zee, a thirty something meat eater, who rarely eats fish (the exact opposite of Suze).  During the day, I work as an online professional and content manager.  In a nutshell this means I have built websites, dismantled and redesigned websites, managed large and small web projects, and much much more.  I’ve been doing this for about 10 years, which means a large portion of my adult life consisted of me sitting in front of a computer and not moving for hours …a lot.  I enjoy reading books, interacting in web communities talking about a wide range of topics, and hanging out with friends and family.

The Weight Gain

I’m African-American, and I grew up in a healthy eating family in rural Maryland. There were a lot of staples to our diet which are typically characterized as southern soul food, but since my parents were from the south and grew up in and around farms, we also had a lot of healthy staples too. Every year we had a large bountiful garden which grew fresh vegetables. So our meals (yes we ate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mostly together …very important family time) always consisted of these fresh garden veggies, proteins, and all the good stuff you are supposed to eat. I was also a very active kid (no playing video games all day in the house), so in my little neighborhood the kids played outside. I rode my bike often, played recreational softball and kickball games, and I even participated in a little volleyball in high school.

So I didn’t start gaining weight from bad eating habits that I learned as a kid. No, I started the big bad weight gain when I grew older. I attribute my bad habits to growing up (when mom and dad stopped choosing my menu, I inserted a lot more junk), work (Did you read the part where I mentioned that I sit in front of the computer all day?), stress, and I could go on. As a matter of fact, I’m sure I could go on. The point is, I want to change.

Besides the Obvious, Why the Change?

I want to wear a good pair of jeans again. I know superficial, but it’s very material. Pun intended.  At my current size, I am becoming increasingly disappointed in the wardrobe choices available in my closet and in the store rack.  Instead of waiting for a designer to decide to make something cute in my size, and for my body type, or go searching store to store for one item that fits right … I decided to just lose the weight.

Food Weaknesses?

Oh I have a lot and they usually involve sweet or salty, but just so you can get to know me a little, I’ll just enter a few of items on my edible kryptonite list.

  • Chocolate — Yup, and in any form. Cold, hot, milk or dark … just to name a few.
  • Holiday/Seasonal Treats — From Christmas Peppermint Candy Canes to Easter Jelly Beans, I have a fave for just about any holiday.
  • Ice Cream — Loooove it!
  • Baby Ruth Candy Bars — They fit in the sweet AND salty category!

First Thing You Will Do When You Hit Your Goal?

I’m pretty sure I will go shopping.  I am also positive the fruits of this adventure will involve a designer jean or two.  But seriously, when I do hit my goal, I plan to tell folks how I did it, and continue writing in this blog about what I’ve learned to maintain it.