About the Duo

The Healthy Duo consists of Zee and Suze. We are two friends who during a g-chat conversation one evening expressed a common desire to address our weight gain once and for all.  The result of that conversation was a plan to team up to lose weight in the most healthy way possible and to begin a blog to talk about it.

About Suze

I am a 30 something vegetarian who eats fish. So I guess you could say I’m a pescetarian, but since the occasions when I do eat seafood are rare (once or twice a month, if that, unless it’s summer, then a little more often), describing me as a pescetarian is fishy. In all honesty, I’d probably be a vegan, except the grocery stores near me aren’t vegan friendly (they are hardly vegetarian friendly) and, being raised on the Chesapeake Bay, I find it impossible to give up seafood. I spend a lot of time reading – books, blogs, tweets, Facebook statuses, etc. I also like to dabble in writing my own stories, but nothing has been completed or published…yet. For work, I stand at the front desk of a hotel. It’s hard on the feet, sure, but sadly, it doesn’t burn many more calories than sitting on my butt would.

About Zee

I’m Zee, a thirty something meat eater, who rarely eats fish (the exact opposite of Suze).  During the day, I work as an online professional and content manager.  In a nutshell this means I have built websites, dismantled and redesigned websites, managed large and small web projects, and much much more.  I’ve been doing this for about 10 years, which means a large portion of my adult life consisted of me sitting in front of a computer and not moving for hours …a lot.  I enjoy reading books, interacting in web communities talking about a wide range of topics, and hanging out with friends and family.