The Plan

What is our weight loss plan?

No quick fix diets or easy “lose weight in 3 weeks” gimmicks here. Our plan is very simple. We are losing weight the old fashion way: monitoring our calorie intake, making smarter food selections, and exercising.

We use a spreadsheet (which we will go into detail about in an article and link here later) to track our weight loss according to our individual goals, and we weigh ourselves weekly.

What are the biggest key components?

  • The Right Tool: Weight Loss Goal Tracker Spreadsheet (more info to come!)
  • Some Guidelines: U.S. Nutritional Guidelines and Recommendations, such as (Now called
  • Accountability and Communication: Our Friendship

And that’s it! We share the spreadsheet in Google Docs. This way we are able to see how we are doing, or not doing, and talk about it. This kind of “team approach” doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s not always perfect for us. But that’s why we now have this newest part of the plan, the blog, in place.

As women, it’s easy to say, “oh, yeah, my best friend and I talk about this all the time, and if one of us is lagging we pick each other back up.” Yeah…that’s easy to say, but the truth is that trying to lose weight is a difficult journey that’s not as easily communicated between friends.

As you will see in the posts to come, we will share with the world (and each other) the pitfalls and wins, funny anecdotes and not so funny times, tips and tidbits we have learned as we move forward on this healthy journey.