THD Wednesday Challenge: Quench Your Thirst with Water

It’s time for Wednesday’s Challenge again! This week, we are focusing on refreshing, thirst quenching water! The challenge is to drink 1 cup (8 oz) of water each hour, starting at 10am and ending at 5pm. You don’t have to chug the glass at the top of the hour, unless you want to. Just make sure 8 oz is down the hatch by the next hour.THD Wednesday Challenge

Not a fan of water? Try adding lemon, cucumber, raspberries, watermelon or strawberries to your water. You can add as you go or fill a container with water the night before, drop in your choice of additive, and let the flavor infuse the water overnight. You can also add some herbs. Mint goes well with watermelon, strawberry, or cucumber. Basil also goes well with cucumber or strawberry. Or use your imagination and come up with some other fruit, vegetable, and herb matchups. Just make sure to share the recipe if it’s really good!

Remember to use the Twitter hashtag #THDWednesdayChallenge to let us know how you are doing!  Zee (@zeethd) and Suze (@suzethd) will be drinking with you!  And you can join us on Facebook too!

We look forward to seeing you!