Recipe: Blueberry-Lemon Scones

Original Recipe: From

Recipe makes 6-9 scones (1350 calories)
1 serving = 1 scone (approx 150-225 calories)

I was craving something baked and sweet and we had fresh blueberries, which needed to be used, so I decided to try out a recipe for blueberry-lemon scones I had come across awhile ago. Me being, well me, I had to tweak the recipe.

For starters, I used organic whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose flour. Whole wheat flour is better for you and if you stick with pastry flour, the final product will be almost as light as using regular flour. The whole wheat flour adds a nuttier flavor, but I didn’t feel that really detracted from the taste of the scone. My mom didn’t seem to mind either and she tends to prefer things made with all-purpose flour.

The other tweak I made was using 6 tablespoons of a vegan margarine  instead of 8. Reading the reviews on the original recipe, a lot of people had problems with their scones flattening out on them. Most people cut the soy milk, but since margarine has way more calories, I cut the margarine. I also melted it before adding it to the bowl and only added a bit at a time to make sure the dough didn’t get to soupy on me. It worked out great!

I LOVE blueberries, so a 1/2C of blueberries was just unacceptable to me, thus I upped it to 3/4C. I may go for a full cup next time. I’d suggest rinsing the blueberries then drying them and then coating them with a light layer of flour. It will keep them together & will reduce how much the bleed into the rest of the scone, thus making the scone flatter.

Finally, all I had on hand was vanilla soy milk. You should probably use plain or unsweetened soy milk when doing any baking, but I figured the vanilla flavor and the little bit of extra sweetness wouldn’t hurt. I wasn’t wrong. They scones weren’t too sweet at all.

Tip: The recipe calls for lemon zest.  I suggest using a nutmeg grater to zest your lemon. The zest will be in smaller bits & distribute a lot better.

The recipe said it made 6 scones, but honestly, how many you get really depends on how big or small you make them. I ended up with 9. I included the calorie count for the entire recipe so you can figure out how much each scone is on your own if you’d like.

The final product was delicious! It wasn’t too dry or too wet. It was sweet and nutty and just, well, delicious.

I give this recipe 5 Healthy Apples, with a handful of blueberries! These make a great low-cal breakfast pastry. It’s got whole grains and blueberries are an excellent superfruit, high in anti-oxidants. True, I wouldn’t suggest one scone is an entire serving of whole grains or fruit, but it’s certainly better than a donut or that scone from your local coffee shop! And wonderfully easy to make and store!


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