Zee’s Status (6/23)

Status: Gained
Mood: Motivated and excited to finally start the blog!

Yay! I’m so excited to start writing for the blog.  Too bad my excitement isn’t related to my weight loss/gain status. But as stated in the About The Duo section, that’s why we started the blog.

When Suze and I started this journey last October, our first month was sensational! We both were well on our way to losing 10 pounds each.  It was easy because we were eager to try something new.  Then the holidays happened.  While Suze stayed the trooper of our duo, I quickly turned into the slacker.

I could say the gain was caused by Christmas cookies or the holiday snacks.  Perhaps I could blame it on the winter weather? The truth is that all of those are my excuses.  So instead of making my first status update about that, I want to talk about a couple of the lessons I’ve learned during that time.  Maybe it will inspire any slackers, like me, out there.

  1. I’ve learned that no matter how motivated you are, it’s easy to fall off the wagon.  So buckle up, or your ride is going to be longer than you anticipated.
  2. I have to set a routine, and then stick to it.  I’ve missed more than a few days recording in our spreadsheet (check out The Plan, with more info to come).
  3. I need to exercise in small steps.  If you aren’t ready to go out and run a marathon, then don’t try to do it.

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