Zee’s Status (6/11/12)

Status: Working on it
Quote: “Success is dependent upon the glands – sweat glands.” ~Zig Ziglar

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve actually been doing a good job.  OK ok … full disclosure:  I have forgotten to count every single calorie recently.  And while that’s a big no-no, at least for me, it’s obviously not the reason why I think I’m on the positive side of this healthy lifestyle.

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Zee’s Status (1/5/12)

Status: Gained
Mood: Trying to get motivated … at a slower than snail’s pace.

Happy New Year From THD, on FlickrEvery new year you hear these themes or goals for the year, sometimes the themes rhyme with the year such as “more in store for 2004”.  They always serve as a motivational tool for how to begin and move forward in the new year.  Well, I’ve always liked that idea, and thought I’d share my personal one to go with this new year, and the new and bigger hill I have to climb, my theme is Creating Solutions.

The idea came to me from a post I read on www.tinybuddha.com about thinking of solutions instead of creating resolutions. The premise being that a resolution, the firm decision to do or not do something, isn’t as strong as, making a decision to solve a problem.

So the idea I’m taking away from this is that yes, this year I do plan to lose weight as I had planned last year.  The difference is this year I’m going to focus on the solutions to issues that will help me not gain weight, which is my problem.  For instance, one problem I have is exercise, what to do and when to do it.  A solution at least for this winter season, is to do more of the exercise methods I have at home and do it before I plan to leave the house.  This week it’s fitness shows on my cable company’s On Demand.  So far I’ve tried Hip Hop Cardio twice, and I’m eying this Power Core next.

So that’s my status for now. Do you have any fitness/healthy solutions you are doing?

Zee’s Status (7/13)

Status: Loss
Mood: Positive

I think it’s safe to say that I am on track, and I am happy. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been progressing well on the plan.  I even survived the July 4th holiday, which included one party and eating out. Holidays can be tough when you are maintaining a diet because it means plenty of socializing and unexpected menu options.

I had two interesting conversations around the holiday weekend I’ve carried with me through this week.  One was with one of my best friends and the other was with my cousins.  When you talk to people who care about you on topics like losing weight, you always get a great perspective and it’s all out of love and care for your well being.  Here’s what I learned:

  • Be Positive — This stemmed from my first status update where I mentioned some things I did not do.  A very dear friend reminded me to stay positive. So I’m learning to reflect more on what I did do to help reach my goal.  For instance, thinking of how I took my vitamins 5 times this week, instead of dwelling on the 2 days I did not.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Willie Nelson

  • Practice Portion Control — We all are aware that Americans like our plates big with lots of food piled on.  But in truth, measuring out servings to the proper portion is really the name of the weight loss game.  Smallstep.gov suggests, when eating out, try ordering the smaller servings; and when eating in, try using a smaller plate.
  • Drink Water — I always have to be mindful that beverages may have calories, but not only that, some diet drinks may still have a form of sugar in them.  All of this can attribute to drinking your calories, which will add on to your daily caloric intake. When in doubt, drink water. Here is some helpful information on rethinking your drinks from CDC.
  • Go Decaf — Whew! I’m caffeine all the way, and just about everyday.  So needless to say, I will need a bit more convincing on this one.  My cousin suggested I look into the benefits of going decaf, so I found this interesting article on Livestrong.com.  I’m still researching, so to be continued.  Suze and I agree that we don’t know if we could ever quit caffeine entirely.

So that was some of the great advice and ideas I have received.  All of which are “small stuff” in the grand scheme of things that are doable.  I’m curious, for my readers out there, what “small stuff” advice have you received that could be added to this list?

Zee’s Status (6/27)

Status: No Gain/No Loss
Mood: Still motivated … I think.

No harm, no foul right? I didn’t gain weight so it should be good news, and it really is.  I also didn’t lose anything so I could be bummed about that, but I just choose not to be. Instead, I’m going to focus on my actions and which ones could have effected my outcome differently.  Here are some actions I took this past week and a bit of food-for-thought for each:

  • I did bring lunch to work, and went out to eat less.
    Fact: When you bring your own meals, you are able to better plan and balance your calories and food groups for the day.  Also, not only is bringing your own lunch to work healthy, you save money.




  • I did not exercise.
    Fact:  We all know exercise is the key to getting healthy, but incorporating a little routine into an already packed schedule is hard.  To get better about exercising, I’ve been looking at resources like Smallstep.gov to help find better solutions.


  • I did not take my daily vitamin every day last week.
    Fact:  Taking dietary supplements isn’t for everyone.  It’s always best to talk to a nutritionist or your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.


Since I am now armed with these facts in mind, I’m going to hope for a better result next week.  *crosses fingers while biting into an apple I entered in my food journal*

Do you have any interesting nutrition or fitness tips which you find helpful?

Zee’s Status (6/23)

Status: Gained
Mood: Motivated and excited to finally start the blog!

Yay! I’m so excited to start writing for the blog.  Too bad my excitement isn’t related to my weight loss/gain status. But as stated in the About The Duo section, that’s why we started the blog.

When Suze and I started this journey last October, our first month was sensational! We both were well on our way to losing 10 pounds each.  It was easy because we were eager to try something new.  Then the holidays happened.  While Suze stayed the trooper of our duo, I quickly turned into the slacker.

I could say the gain was caused by Christmas cookies or the holiday snacks.  Perhaps I could blame it on the winter weather? The truth is that all of those are my excuses.  So instead of making my first status update about that, I want to talk about a couple of the lessons I’ve learned during that time.  Maybe it will inspire any slackers, like me, out there.

  1. I’ve learned that no matter how motivated you are, it’s easy to fall off the wagon.  So buckle up, or your ride is going to be longer than you anticipated.
  2. I have to set a routine, and then stick to it.  I’ve missed more than a few days recording in our spreadsheet (check out The Plan, with more info to come).
  3. I need to exercise in small steps.  If you aren’t ready to go out and run a marathon, then don’t try to do it.