Zee’s Status (6/27)

Status: No Gain/No Loss
Mood: Still motivated … I think.

No harm, no foul right? I didn’t gain weight so it should be good news, and it really is.  I also didn’t lose anything so I could be bummed about that, but I just choose not to be. Instead, I’m going to focus on my actions and which ones could have effected my outcome differently.  Here are some actions I took this past week and a bit of food-for-thought for each:

  • I did bring lunch to work, and went out to eat less.
    Fact: When you bring your own meals, you are able to better plan and balance your calories and food groups for the day.  Also, not only is bringing your own lunch to work healthy, you save money.




  • I did not exercise.
    Fact:  We all know exercise is the key to getting healthy, but incorporating a little routine into an already packed schedule is hard.  To get better about exercising, I’ve been looking at resources like Smallstep.gov to help find better solutions.


  • I did not take my daily vitamin every day last week.
    Fact:  Taking dietary supplements isn’t for everyone.  It’s always best to talk to a nutritionist or your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.


Since I am now armed with these facts in mind, I’m going to hope for a better result next week.  *crosses fingers while biting into an apple I entered in my food journal*

Do you have any interesting nutrition or fitness tips which you find helpful?


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