Zee’s Status (1/5/12)

Status: Gained
Mood: Trying to get motivated … at a slower than snail’s pace.

Happy New Year From THD, on FlickrEvery new year you hear these themes or goals for the year, sometimes the themes rhyme with the year such as “more in store for 2004”.  They always serve as a motivational tool for how to begin and move forward in the new year.  Well, I’ve always liked that idea, and thought I’d share my personal one to go with this new year, and the new and bigger hill I have to climb, my theme is Creating Solutions.

The idea came to me from a post I read on www.tinybuddha.com about thinking of solutions instead of creating resolutions. The premise being that a resolution, the firm decision to do or not do something, isn’t as strong as, making a decision to solve a problem.

So the idea I’m taking away from this is that yes, this year I do plan to lose weight as I had planned last year.  The difference is this year I’m going to focus on the solutions to issues that will help me not gain weight, which is my problem.  For instance, one problem I have is exercise, what to do and when to do it.  A solution at least for this winter season, is to do more of the exercise methods I have at home and do it before I plan to leave the house.  This week it’s fitness shows on my cable company’s On Demand.  So far I’ve tried Hip Hop Cardio twice, and I’m eying this Power Core next.

So that’s my status for now. Do you have any fitness/healthy solutions you are doing?


3 Comments on “Zee’s Status (1/5/12)”

  1. suze216 says:

    Love the focus on the positive here! And the focus on creating a game plan and fixing the source of problems instead of just making a goal or treating a symptom. Great idea! And I know you can do this. 🙂

  2. tradermare says:

    I love that you were inspired by tinybuddha… I love that site and the message that she has on her blog! Good luck to both of you and I’m glad you have come back to the blog to share with us!

  3. I like the idea of solutions instead of resolutions.
    I made a post on my lj about changes I’d like to make in my life, the first and most important is to be kinder to myself. I have to be mindful of what I’m saying/thinking to & about myself.

    The second tool I’m using is to track everything I eat. If I’m going to make positive changes in my diet I have to be mindful of what, how much & how often I’m putting something in my mouth.

    Good luck to both of you & thank you for sharing your journeys.

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